MK-330D 3 bank x 10 amps for a total of 30 amps total output
MK-330D 3 bank x 10 amps for a total of 30 amps total output
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Product Description

3 bank x 10 amps for a total of 30 amps total output. Our digital on-board chargers are engineered with a micro-processor-based design to protect your battery, charge faster and help you stay on the water longer. Monitors temperature and state-of-charge. Enhanced status codes display charge stage, maintenance mode status, any error notifications and full charge. Automatic shut-off feature extends battery life by shutting down when charging is complete. Mounts conveniently in the battery compartment.

# 3 charging banks

# 10 amps per bank

# 30 amps total output

# Recovery Time: 4-6 hours

# Size: 16-�" length x 7-�" width x 4" height

# Weight: 20 lbs.

# Digitally-controlled microprocessor design protects your batteries so you can stay on the water longer

# Up to 2X faster charging in high temperatures

# Enhanced status codes provide comprehensive feedback on charge stage, maintenance mode status, error notification and full charge

# Convenient on-board mounting eliminates the hassle of traditional portable chargers

# Fully automatic multi-stage charging (bulk, absorption and maintenance) so you get a full charge every time

# Automatic temperature compensation delivers fast charging recovery, even in extreme temperatures, while protecting your batteries from overcharging

# Waterproof*, shock- and vibration-resistant aluminum construction

# Short circuit, reverse polarity and ignition protection

# Saltwater tested and fully resistant to corrosion

# For use with 12, 24 or 36 volt systems with 12V / 6-cell batteries that are flooded/wet cell, maintenance free or starved electrolyte (AGM) only (40-130 amp hour rating)

# FCC compliant

# Warranty: 3 year

# UL listed to marine standard 1236

# Includes: one pre-wired on-board marine battery charger with three 6' fused output cables and one 6' AC power cord, installation instructions and owners manual

* manufacturer's enclosure rating