1810423 Talon Shallow Water Anchor 8' Talon Silver/Black (MINN KOTA)
1810423 Talon Shallow Water Anchor 8' Talon Silver/Black (MINN KOTA)
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Product Description

1810423 Talon Shallow Water Anchor 8' Talon Silver/Black (MINN KOTA)
HOLD YOUR GROUND. Built with the legendary performance and durability of a Minn Kota, Talon delivers a fast, secure hold to keep you on top of fish in shallow water. It's the ultimate weapon in the battle of boat positioning.


SPEED - industry leading, lightning-fast deployment makes every second on the water count.

AUTO UP/DOWN - quick press of a button to fully deploy or stow the anchoring spike.

Don't waste your valuable fishing time holding down a button.

AUTO-DRIVE - Talon provides the highest anchoring force on the market.

Exclusive Auto-Drive feature drives the spike into the bottom with three successive hits increasing the force on each hit.

ROUGH WATER MODE - repeats the Auto-Drive feature sequence three additional times at 10 second intervals to ensure an even stronger hold.

BUILT-IN WAVE ABSORPTION - built-in floating suspension allows secure anchoring even in rough water conditions.

LED DEPTH INDICATOR - quickly gauge anchor depth with LED lights. Each LED represent one-foot of deployment.

EASY INSTALLATION - Lightweight mechanical design is easy to install; no messy hydraulics or additional storage for pumps required!

VERSATILE ADJUSTMENTS - a trusted Minn Kota quick release bracket that comes standard with Talon allows versatile mounting adjustments. Adjust the anchor both vertically and front/back tilt (30 degrees) to accommodate any transom angle. Easily remove the unit when not in use.

BUILT-IN WIRELESS - two wireless remotes come standard with Talon.

DEPLOYMENT ALARM - warns users if they start their outboard engine while the spike is still deployed (optional hook-up).