10320 SSI Big Cooler - 320 Quart (SAIL SYSTEMS Ultimate Cooler)
10320 SSI Big Cooler - 320 Quart (SAIL SYSTEMS Ultimate Cooler)
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Product Description

The world's biggest, best insulated coolers

- 320 quart capacity

- Holds more, and keeps it cold longer

- Great for big game fishermen, hunters and commercial enterprises

- Superior construction and heavy thickness of polyurethane insulation

- Designed to withstand rugged use (such as the action of large, live fish)

- Molded from white weatherable capped ABS to withstand outdoor exposure

- Low center of gravity for more stability

- Larger thicker base pads for longer wear

- Super insulated, strong, durable lid will endure standing and creates a comfortable seating area

- Comes complete with STARBOARDĀ® handles, stainless hinges, chrome-plated lockable brass closures, lid restrainers, drain, and a baffle for compartmentation

- Optional accessory vinyl covered cushion

- 5 year limited warranty

Model 10320

61 "L x 26"W x 21"H

32 0 Quart Capacity

1 1/2" Insulation

Weight: 75 Lbs